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Best Mouthwash Dispensers 2018 Guides and Reviews

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Mouthwash unlike toothbrush is most of the time left behind the limelight. It is not given much priority, right? In fact not all of us would use this or consider buying a mouthwash dispenser.

But why should someone buy a mouthwash dispenser?

  • It helps keep your bathroom clean. The bathroom could be one of the most messy place in the house with all those small to large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash not to include the bottle of your mouthwash all in there. If you have a mouthwash dispenser it looks organize and it lessens the bottles inside the bathroom.
  • It is convenient. Mouthwash dispenser first and top purpose is convenience. It is easier and simple to just simply dispense an amount of mouthwash compared to pouring. With the use of dispenser, a simple push of a button the right amount of mouthwash is rightly given to you.
  • Ensures right amount of mouthwash in every use. This is designed to dispense the right amount of mouthwash. So, you can save with your mouthwash usage and no worries about spills making the product lasts longer.
  • The overall look of your bathroom is greatly improved. The modern designs of the mouthwash dispensers improve the look of the bathroom. Regardless if the bathroom is small or big it will look classy, elegant, and neat.

Here are the top 5 Mouthwash Dispenser that you can choose from if you are planning to buy one!

The leadfree Crystal Chrome Pump

PROS:The lead-free Crystal Chrome Pump

  • Sturdy, elegant, and attractive
  • Strong build making this very suitable to use not just at home but even in commercial establishments.
  • Comes with chrome pump
  • Easy pump palm-action
  • Lead-free crystal
  • 32 ounces’ capacity
  • Designed to prevent spills, waste, or even small drips.
  • It has an engrave named ‘mouthwash’.


  • Quite expensive
  • Don’t comes with a cup, so you need to buy one for it.
Good Grips Pump from OXO

 PROS:Good Grips Pump from OXO

  • Easy to use.
  • It features 3 great purpose: storing, measuring, and of course, dispensing.
  • Dispenses the mouthwash effortlessly.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Has a sliding angle when dispensing liquid.
  • It has a valve. The valve is to prevent liquid from re-entry.
  • Durable. It is made of plastic, brushed nickel, and silicone.


  • Dispensing the liquid can be a little clumsy unlike pump type mouthwash dispenser.
Crystal Clear Mouthwash

 PROS:Crystal Clear Mouthwash

  • The mouthwash dispenser is made from crystal.
  • Has an aesthetic appeal.
  • Stylish and elegant.
  • Can hold 4 ounces (short-term only).
  • Best option for modern bathrooms and other luxury commercial establishments.


  • Holds small capacity.
  • It is open cap allowing bacteria to enter.
  • Not recommended for bathrooms where kids are free to get inside.
  • Not for kid’s bathrooms.
  • No button for pump action purpose.
Starter Kit Mouthwash Dispenser


  • Very large capacity up to 720 cups.
  • Has a mouthwash refills.
  • 6 bottles of mouthwash refills and 720 cups.
  • It dispenses limited amount on each cup making the mouthwash stays longer.
  • Saves a lot in mouthwash.


  • l Not ideal for home use and not user-friendly.
  • Mini Mouthwash Dispenser
Mini Mouthwash Dispenser


  • It has a separate container for cups.
  • With warranty.
  • Has excellent customer service.
  • Battery less design.
  • Simple pump action.


  • Doesn’t focus on aesthetic aspect.
  • Only for GFB mouthwash use and with other mouthwashes.
How to know the perfect mouthwash dispenser for you?

There are number of reasons why you need to know if the dispenser is best for you. Make sure that you buy a dispenser that suits your needs and style. Here are the guidelines when choosing a mouthwash dispenser.

  • Type or Material

Usually the interior design of the dispenser is made of glass or crystal, ceramic, and resin or plastic. This is not just for the purpose of style or elegant look. It is made from glass or crystal mostly because the material do not react with any product ingredients making it safe for you to use regardless of the content in your mouthwash.

  • Ease of use

Make sure to buy one that is convenient to use and won’t give a hard-time every time you use it. The pump-action mouthwash dispenser is actually the easiest and most common. Choose the one that is simple to operate. There are models that should be hung on the wall. This model makes the bathroom neat and elegant. It reduces clutter and adds beauty.

  • Volume

The capacity of the mouthwash dispenser actually varies from one to another. The heavily aesthetics ones are not suitable for bigger family because it holds smaller volume. However, of course, you should not choose a large one. So, plan and think about which dispenser suits your needs or family needs for an instance.

  • Users

Think about how many of you will use the dispenser because from there you plan what type of dispenser you need to buy. Is the whole family or you alone will use it? Will you use the dispenser at home or for your commercial establishment? These simple questions will lead you to the right decision. Most importantly, do you have kids at home?

  • Bathroom Decoration

When buying a mouthwash dispenser also try to consider the decoration of your bathroom. There are mouthwash dispenser with styles or designs that can also be suitable or will blend naturally with your bathroom decoration.

  • Budget

This one is also very important when shopping for mouthwash dispenser. When you go shopping surely you can find ‘cute’ and lovely dispensers, but when you check for its price you know it’s not that practical anymore. So, when you are planning to buy one try to check mouthwash dispenser online first. There are discounted, promo, or sale dispensers. Hence, if you are in a tight budget try other options where to shop around.

Mouthwash dispenser is also essential. It is not just a bathroom decoration but rather an addition to your dental hygiene. So, buy one that suits your style, need, and budget. Follow the tips and rules when buying to ensure that you will come up with the right one for you.

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