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Maintaining Oral Health of Your Kids: 8 Top Ways on How Do it Effectively

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Our child’s teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay because of the very obvious reasons, they love to eat sweets and brushing their teeth is just an option. Sometimes, they tell a lie that they are done brushing their teeth. So, having said that tooth decay and bad breath are just some of the common dental problems.

As a parent, we are responsible of taking care of it. We need to find ways or techniques on how we can get their attention and encourage them to enjoy brushing.

Below are the necessary steps on how our kids possibly avoid getting cavities.

Get a dental checkup.

On your child’s first birthday, visiting a dentist is a must. This an early preventative measure and will surely help you save money in the future. According to reports, parents can save at least 40% on dental expenses if during his younger years like from 1-5 years of age the child has already started having a dental checkup.

Age 1-5 is actually the period where children are experiencing tooth decay due to  the foods they love to eat and their habits as well. So, seeking the help of dentist monitors the overall status of their dental health.

Practice good habits.

Even before your baby has a teeth, as a mother you can already start cleaning his gums. By gently doing it, you are already doing a great job. You can use a washcloth, the soft one, so as not to hurt the baby’s gums or you can grab a baby toothbrush.

When the baby’s teeth come out, you brush it twice. First with the use of an infant toothbrush and the second one is with the fluoridated toothpaste. Now, start flossing when the two of baby’s teeth touch or near each other. Try to contact or talk to the dentist about the schedules or techniques about it.

Brushing and flossing before the bedtime is the best way to prevent tooth decay, but makes sure that after that no more eating and drinking except for water until morning. Curious about mouthwash? Well, there is a mouthwash for kids but you should wait until your child knows how to spit it out or when advised by the dentist.

No to Baby Bottle Decay!

This one is quite impossible to happen since children would love doing this…having a bottle of milk in their mouth until they fall asleep. But if you want your child to have a perfect teeth then you better give him a bottle of water instead of juice, milk, or formula.

Cut Back on Juices

Parents believe that juices are healthy for kids because it has vitamins especially the Vitamin C necessary for children. But did you know that juices can lead to children tooth decay? However, it doesn’t mean that juices are bad for them, but try to lower the intake of it like 4 ounces of 100% fruit juice daily will do. As a parent being creative especially on their foods are very important. You can give them sweets only during their meal time and juices as their reward could be nice.

Throw away pacifiers when they reached the age of 2 or 3!

Babies love having pacifiers and we parents find number of reasons why we allow them to have it. However, along the way having pacifiers for them are not advisable anymore because it can affect the line up of their growing teeth. Furthermore, it can also change the shape of your child’s mouth. If your baby doesn’t want to stop it or you find it hard to take it way, you can visit a doctor to help you. Surely, they can give you creative techniques on how to do it.

Look out for Sugary or flavored Medicine

Most of the prescribed medicines for children are sweet. Those with chronic conditions like heart problem and asthma are most likely getting a higher rate for tooth decay. Children who are taking antibiotics or those who are taking medications for asthma can possibly have an overgrowth of yeast or candida. This can result to fungal infection also known as oral thrush. It looks like curd patches on your child’s tongue or inside their mouth. It pays to visit a dentist and seek for an advise on how often your child needs to brush his teeth.

Taking care your child’s teeth needs a lot of patience and effort. It needs regular practice so they can be used and comfortable to it and make brushing and flossing a healthy habit.