Risks and Common Dental Problems

Smoking Puts Your Oral Health at Risk: Risks and Common Dental Problems

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Smoking nowadays is one of the most common cause of death and other harmful diseases not just in United States but in other parts of the world. The sad thing is, even those younger ones have already started to smoke making them vulnerable to early signs of death.

The negative effects of smoking starts in the mouth and then spread in the body, may it be internal or external. So, before it comes to the point of getting a lung cancer, the person experiences bad breath and teeth discoloration.

Smoking Tobacco Puts Your Health at Risk

Aside from lung cancer, smoking can also give you oral cancer with higher rate like 8 out of 10 smokers can get such kind of disease. However, the good news is that among the other cancers, oral cancer is the most controllable and preventable one.

The tobacco is associated to a serious disease on gums. It weakens the ability of the body to fight against infection because the bacteria build up very easily inside the mouth through tartar and plaque making the smokers defenseless to dangerous diseases. The bacteria damaged the gums that cause bleeding and sensitivity. Bone and tooth loss one by one is just the start of it.

Common Dental Problems Caused by Smoking


  • Dry mouth
  • Tooth decay
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Dull sense of smell and send of taste
  • Black hairy tongue or coated
  • Bad breath
  • Slow healing after extraction of tooth or other dental surgeries
  • Lower possibility of successful cosmetic dental procedures

How Can Smoking Results to Dangerous Gum Disease?

This is what happens when you smoke. Smoking especially tobacco products destroy the gum attachment between the bone and the soft tissues of the teeth. Because of that, it interferes the normal function of the tissues making it slow to heal whenever tooth extraction is being done or it causes tooth sensitivity and bleeding of gums.

Because of this intervention the smoker is now open or susceptible to any infections like periodontal disease or damage of blood flow going to gums making it very slow to heal gum wounds.

How Pipe and Cigar Smoking Result to Dental Problems?

Pipes can lead to dental or oral problems just like tobacco smoking. In fact, according to the result of 23 years of study that was being published in Journal of American Dental Association, a smoker can experience tooth loss and bone loss that is within jawbone which is anchored to the teeth, also known as alveolar bone loss.

So, even if you are a pipe smoker it doesn’t mean that you are safe with dental or oral problems because both have the same impact. Furthermore, pipe and cigar smokers are also at risk to pharyngeal cancer, commonly known as throat cancer.

Smokeless Tobacco Products: Are They Safer?

The answer is no. In fact, this is more dangerous because you cannot see what you get or acquire making it scarier. Did you know that chewing and snuff tobacco has at least 28 chemicals making it more dangerous and higher risk of getting an oral cancer, esophagus cancer, and throat cancer? The chewing tobacco has higher nicotine level, more addicting and hard to quit compared to cigarettes. Snuff tobacco on the other hand has more nicotine compared to 60 or more cigarettes. Imagine how much poison gets in your system and killing you softly?

The smokeless tobacco irritates the gum tissue to recede. What happens when the tissues of the gum receded? The roots of the teeth are exposed which attracts more bacteria and lead to tooth decay. The exposed teeth roots are sensitive to either hot or cold, and eating and drinking is so uncomfortable.

Moreover, smokeless tobacco has an added sugar in order to enhance the flavor of it. This makes it more higher risk to tooth decay. Another thing, smokeless tobacco has sand and grit which doubles the pace of losing your teeth.

So, these are the answers to your questions about smoking. Hoping that this article could help you a lot not by just simply preventing your teeth to all wear down but sustaining your life until you get old.

Stop the smoking habit regardless if it is smokeless or not. It doesn’t bring you any good but dental disease or deadly cancer. There are many ways and tips on how to quit smoking. The procedure will take some time but it’s worth in the end because you save your life and gives you a second chance to be with your family and friends again.