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Top Oral Health Stocking Stuffers for Christmas: Useful Tips and Creative Ideas

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Christmas is just around the corner. In few days’ time, you need to go shopping for unique and worthy gifts for your family, officemates, and friends. But what could that possibly be? Afterall, Christmas stockings are just too small to put big gifts on it.

Below are the wonderful ideas and suggestions oral health stocking stuffers for kids or adults on Christmas Season.

Electric Toothbrushes or Toothbrushes

Kids love toothbrushes. Do you agree? Kids love to clean their teeth and brushing for over 2 minutes! This is especially true if their toothbrush would amaze them. Electric brushes are perfect gift for them.

Toothbrush should be replaced every 3-4 months but for electric toothbrushes the brush heads can be replaced every 6 months. If you finally decided to choose this type of gift, make sure to choose a toothbrush that fits their mouth and comfortable to hold.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best one is to check the bristle. Because you will give the present to a child, choose the soft bristle toothbrushes so as not to damage their enamel and bleed their gums.

Gum with Xylitol or Candy

Children are natural sweets lover. Candies are like their energizer, but the problem is it causes tooth decay making candies not a good idea, right? But here’s a great idea for you. You can try sneaking a gum or candy with Xylitol in their stockings. Bacteria would see this as an ordinary sugar, but the fact is they cannot digest the acid.

Instead of stuffing their stockings with candy canes and chocolates put something that they will enjoy and at the same time will clean their teeth on the process. Candy with Xylitol stimulates the production of saliva and clears the bacteria buildup which could be the reason of cavities.

Flavored Toothpaste

Kids love brushing their teeth but hate the taste of ordinary toothpaste. So, as a parent you need to be creative on how you can possibly encourage them to brush their teeth without any dramas.

Put funny flavored toothpastes on their Christmas stockings. For sure they will change their mind and would be very excited to brush their teeth. Some of the flavors are fruity, bubble gum, bacon, cupcake, Oreo, pickle, and more funny flavors that you can choose from.

When buying for toothpaste as a gift, look for ADA seal. This is an approval that can be seen on the package that will serves as a proof that the toothpaste is tested and proven as effective and passed the quality assurance. Take note that there are toothpastes that can irritate your teeth and gums because it contains harsh chemicals. Watch out for the products you buy.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips can be over-the-counter and can be an amazing gift for Christmas. This can be one of the many reasons for someone to smile again. However, it cannot be denied that there are people who can be offended whenever they received such kind of gift. So, to prevent this from happening make sure first that the receiver is also willing or interested to this kind of gift.

Tongue Scraper

Tongue scraper is in fact the latest dental trends. Tongue scraper is designed to scrape food particles coated in the tongue. The food particle in the tongue can be the reason of bad breath and tooth decay in the future. Through the use of scraper small food particles and bacteria will be removed and bad breath is not possible to happen.

Travel-sized Mouthwash

 Bad breath? No way! To be in this kind of situation is so embarrassing especially if you are out with your friends where toothbrush is out of hand. What would be the easiest and simplest solution? Handy mouthwash, of course! This will prepare you anytime anywhere you go.

Creative Toothbrush Holder

 Toothbrush holders can be creative and needs not to be boring. You can visit the kid’s section in department store, you can find different designs of holder that can be a perfect gift this Christmas season from their favorite cartoon character and Disney princess.

 Toothbrush Clamp

 Toothbrush clamp is another gift idea that you might want to consider. This can be a wonderful sight for kids especially if it has amazing designs. This type of gift will motivates them to brush their teeth and look forward to another brushing session before bedtime.

Dental stocking stuffers are perfect gifts for Christmas because this season involves a lot of eating and drinking.